A: We update our extensive video collection frequently, so log in consistently to see what's new.
A: Yes, our platinum members can ask questions and we'll reply via video. Each question is inserted in a queue and answered in the order it was received.
A: There are multiple ways to train dogs based on numerous theories. Our methodologies are compilations of true in-facility and one-on-one experience where we've proofed most other theories. We've found that our instruction on this site will gear you towards success with the most effective and efficient results.
A: The larger the audience like you that we build, the more frequently we can broadcast and even include high level trainers from other facilities around the United States as well.
A: Yes, of course. Check out our whole puppy section that will break everything you need to know down step by step.
A: No, we have special guests that we've known for years we will include in our site. These guests have high skill sets and will include a biography that's well reputed in their field.
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