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We make dog training FUN!
Better Trainers. Better Results.
Choose the platinum package and access training, behavior, agility, and pet first aid videos at your fingertips. From start to finish, we have you covered!
Our trainers work with various dog breeds, sizes, temperaments, and behaviors every day. You can count on getting results from some of the top trainers across the United States.
Don't waste your time loading up your dogs and going to a pet store trainer. Let us take you to the next level of dog training!

Dog training at the speed of internet.

Sample Video 1
VIDEO 1 - Environmental Stimulation
Your dog's acclimation to various environments and stimuli are critical from puppy to adult. The more places you take your dog, the better behaved they will be.
Sample Video 2
Video 2 - Dogs that surf countertops
Counter surfing is a frustrating behavior shared by many dog owners. Have no fear because we can show you how to correct it!
Sample Video 3
Video 3 - Tactile Command Transition
When teaching tactile commands, transitioning your dog to the ground from a table is easy. Once on the ground, build your dog's sit stays or down stays with distance, not time. The more distance you create, the longer the time your dog will hold their position.
Sample Video 4
Video 4 - Pet First Aid
Pet first aid is a crucial part of your day to day routine. Be prepared in the event of an injury! Our videos can help you recognize what is normal for your dog and potentially save their life!  
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Learn how to train your dog online today!

Imagine a world where you can train your dog from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to load up your dog(s), take them to strangers that fancy themselves as trainers, and hope to get results. We have your solution through Nashville K-9 University. Its all a click away.

Lead the Pack.
Real Results.
No need to pack up your dog.

Dog training to fit any schedule.

Meet the trainers

Dog training at the speed of internet.


New Pup?
$ 20 Monthly
  • Over 25 Videos
  • Dog Science and Theory
  • Choosing the Correct Dog
  • Introduction to Puppies
  • Rescues and Animal Control
  • Taking Your Dog to Different Places


Ready For The Next Level?
$ 40 Monthly
  • Over 100 Videos
  • Everything in Gold PLUS more!
  • Dog Science and Theory
  • Basic to Advanced Obedience
  • Agility
  • Complete Pet First Aid Course
  • Dog Training Tricks
  • Behavioral Issues and Corrections
  • Introduction to Vehicles
  • Podcasts
  • And Much More!
Best Value!


Behavioral Challenges?
$ 30 Monthly
  • Over 55 Videos
  • Everything in Silver PLUS more!
  • Dog Science and Theory
  • Basic to Advanced Obedience
  • Behavioral Issues and Corrections
  • Brain Food for Your Puppy or Adult Dog!

Nothing but happy customers!

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Thanks for training me to train Greta and Faydor. You’ve really set the bar for K-9 trainers in the south. Thanks again!
Mike S.
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Thanks for helping improve my dog’s obedience! Burke’s become a hunting expert! I will be seeing you soon for more hunting dogs!
Mike L.
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Ali’s training has not only given me a sweet, obedient dog, but a companion for life. I love hearing from people about how well-behaved and smart Paisley is! I know she wouldn’t be this way without the help of Nashville K-9.
Kati P
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